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CEO Message

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"We will provide happiness to the people, and vitality to the economy." “Greetings, my name is Sang Woo Park, CEO of Korea Land and Housing Corporation." LH has always been together with the growth and history of South Korea. Through the establishment of 2.6 million public houses and new city development, while contributing to the civilians' residential stability, we have also greatly supported Sejong City, other Innovation Cities, and high-tech industrial complex, as well as land development and supply for social infrastructure expansion such as roads and schools, and the overall national economy's advancement. Till now, LH is matching the rapidly changing social environment by developing the Happy Housing Project; we are making housing welfare widely available through our housing voucher project and expanding our customized housing services; and we are putting in effort to create an economic and balanced national land space by the creative economic valley and customized region-specific development. Moving forward, LH as a public enterprise and its employees who are dedicated to work for the people will go beyond the objective of housing stability and national land development; and while we strengthen our solid financial stability and play our public role with management innovation as our background, we will go closer to the people with transparent and high quality service that meets the expectations of the people. At LH, we will always do our as best as partners to "provide happiness to the people, and vitality to the economy." Thank you. Korea Land & Housing Corporation CEO Sang Woo Park