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page title : Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

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Look High 2020! - Meaning : "Gaze at a higher place" / It implies the vision that LH pursues
Spearhead the improvement of the quality of life and development of the national economy through the realzation of stable housing for the country's citizens and the efficient utilization of the national land

A top-class land and housing service corporation that creates happy living environments

  • Happy residential spaces in which everyone would like to live
  • New growth green cities that lead the future
  • Advanced national land equipped with global competitivencess
Core values
  • Trust(Best Place : 信)
  • Heart-moving(Best Partner : 幸)
  • Challenge(Best Pioneer : 進)
Strategy direction and Strategic tasks
To enhancce fiancial stability
  • To optimize Business structure
  • To diversify financing
  • To secure govemmental support for policy projects
To improve business efficiency
  • to reduce project cost
  • to enhance added value of products
  • to strengthen cooperation with stakeholders
To foster future growth engine
  • to discover high value-added business
  • to strengthen new business areas
  • to reinforce competitivencess of technologies and R&D
To strengthen customer-oriented management systems
  • to enhance corporate image as a reliable company
  • to create future-oriented corporate culture
  • to establish management system based on performance