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page title : Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

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Aim High 2030 - meaning : "Reaching new heights through complete enterprise-wide innovation"
Improve the quality of life and lead national economic growth through housing stabilization and efficient usage of public land

Better living environments, Happy homes from LH

Core values
Touching Lives / Creative Innovation / Win-Win for All / Mutual Understanding
Strategy direction and Strategic tasks
Realize housing welfare culture
Complete urban renewal projects
Aim for balanced territorial development
Realize social value and sustainable management
strategic tasks
Improve housing stability for ordinary people
Promote urban renewal New Deal
Developing smart city based on 4th industrial revolution
Lead social value realization
Supply demand-tailored public housing
Strengthen capability of urban renewal projects
Establish foundation for national economic growth
Create quality jobs
Advance housing welfare delivery system
Revitalize declining regions
Lead balanced regional development through regional cooperation
Strengthen mutual growth with SMEs
Strengthen customized housing welfare services
Value add dilapidated buildings
Promotion of overseas business and Strategic promotion of inter-Korean cooperation project
Strengthen customer-oriented management
Advance multi-family housing management support function
Enhance function of Land Bank and real estate financial advancement
Strengthen managements of financial soundness
Establishment of creative innovation organization
Secure future growth engine