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page title : Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

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Better Life with LH - Meaning : A better life of people, LH is always with you
We improve the quality of life and lead national economic growth through promoting residential stability and efficient use of public land

LH, your reliable partner

Core values
Win-win / Innovation / Tomorrow / Human-Oriented
management goals
Policy : ①To support residential stability of 3,400,000 households ②To participate in 400 urban renewal new deal projects
Future : ③To secure 128㎢ of demand-oriented project sites ④To achieve 58% of sales ratio for growing business sectors
Social value : ⑤To create 2,310,000 jobs ⑥To achieve the excellent corporation certificate in terms of shared growth
Management : ⑦To achieve the best grades in customer satisfaction and ethical integrity ⑧110% of interest bearing debt
Strategic directions
I. Housing welfare services that people need
II. Balanced regional development
III. Innovation that leads to the future
IV. Social values that everyone feels happy about
Strategic tasks
1.1. To establish the housing safety net
1.2. To increase demand-oriented housing supply
1.3. To stabilize management system for public housing
1.4. To enhance housing service system
2.1. To vitalize urban regeneration
2.2. To improve public value of land use
2.3. To vitalize maintenance projects for cities and buildings
2.4. To promote balanced regional development
3.1. To create and expand smart cities
3.2. To reconstruct rental housing and promote mixed construction projects
3.3. To promote inter-Korean cooperation projects
3.4. To promote overseas business
4.1. The management that the people can rely on
4.2. To establish autonomous innovation system
4.3. To take the lead in taking social responsibility
4.4. To strengthen safety of the people
4.5. To make people-oriented shared growth