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page title : LH Housing Welfare Business

LH Housing Welfare Business

Korea Land and Housing Corporation(a.k.a LH) is in charge of carrying out housing welfare policy of Korea. Also, LH provides various community services related to public rental housing and creates social value for better life.

LH Housing Welfare Business

Housing Support

LH leases rental housings for more affordable rates compared to other housings in the same area. This has been possible by renting out housing constructed, leased or purchased by LH.
※ Number of public rental housings of LH : 1,035,535 (2017)

Tenants can choose among diverse options for lease periods and rent rates that suit their own financial circumstances.
Keeping up with recent housing trends, LH provides more various types of houses on demand such as studio-type housing for singles or families of two, rented housing on deposit basis for university students, rental housings for newly-wed couples and newly-employed people, etc.

Residential Care

LH implements various living support programs to improve the quality of life of rental housing residents.

Information Support

LH Housing Welfare Business

Apartment Management Support

LH is providing apartment management consulting services and settlement of disputes