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page title : Construction of Public Housing and Customized Residential Welfare

Construction of Public Housing and Customized Residential Welfare

Houses that the public sector constructs or purchases with the supports of finance or funds
completing house construction project plan approval process according to Bogeumjari Special Act

Construction of Public Housing and Customized Residential Welfare
Content # of Households Details
Houses for Sale 700,000
  • -Supply small and medium size inexpensive houses
Rental Houses Public Rental(10 years) 200,000
  • - Change the rental houses for sales after 10 years
  • - Supply ‘Installment Rental House’
Long-term Lease(20 years) 100,000
  • -Supply as ‘Long-term Lease’ without financial burden of monthly rental (Supply focusing on city centers)
Long-term Rental(30 years) 500,000
  • -People’s rental 400,000 households
  • -Permanent rental 100,000 households


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Bogeumjari Houses

Supply houses in city center and suburban area
  • 1m households in capital area
  • Eco-friendly developement
  • In-city charging type
  • Utilize existing facilities
  • Low Carbon Green City
Supply Type
Diversification of House Types
Income Level → Tailored ← housing Demands
Income Level
Small and Medium Size house for sales
housing Demands
Long-term Renta
  • Public Rental(Installment)
  • Long-term Lease
Reduce sales price and support housing finance
  • Reduce 15% from Sales Price
  • Reduce burden of purchase
  • Increase floor space index
  • Upscale low-interest financial support
  • Introduce Long-term loan(30years)
Method of supply
Consumer oriented 'Reservation Method'
  • Can compare houses
  • Possible to supply earlier than expected
  • Publicize candidate criteria in advance
  • Internet reservation
  • Select preliminary winners

Details of Bogeumjari Types

Details of Bogeumjari Types
Content Sales Permanent Rental People's Rental Public Rental Long-term Lease
Period - Permanent 30 years 10 years 20 years
Size(Exclusive Use) Less than 85㎡ Less than 40㎡ Less than 60㎡ Less than 85㎡ Less than 85㎡
Entitlement Subscription savings subscribers
  • -recipient of basic living
  • -men of national merit
  • -single parent home
Those who have less than 70% of average city workers’ monthly household income Subscription savings subscribers Subscription savings subscribers
Non-homeowner householders
# of supply 700,000 100,000 households 400,000 households 200,000 100,000