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page title : New Towns, Land Development, and Urban Regeneration

New Towns, Land Development, and Urban Regeneration

LH creates new towns and conducts urban regeneration to build comfortable cities to live in.
LH creates pleasant residential complexes for both nature and humanity, and develops
comfortable cities to live in where communities are revitalized.

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  • Housing Land and City Development

    LH stably provides housing land to construct cities to live in
    LH creates more public housing land in the populous Seoul greater area to stably respond to land demand. LH also efficiently uses land in urban areas to construct cities where culture, welfare, industrial and residential functions are well in harmony with one another.
  • Development of New Towns

    LH creates high-tech innovative cities where people and nature coexist harmoniously

    LH addresses housing issues with the concentration of population, and develops innovative, self-sufficient new towns equipped with a sophisticated ubiquitous informatization and environment-friendly ecological environment. This will certainly help boost national competitiveness.

    • 1st-phase new towns:
      Bundang in Seongnam / Ilsan in Goyang / Pyeongchon in Anyang / Jungdong in Bucheon / Sanbon in Gunpo
    • 2nd-phase new towns:
      Dongtan 1 and 2 in Hwaseong / Pangyo in Seongnam / Hangang in Gimpo / Unjeong in Paju / Yangju(Okjeong ㆍ Hoicheon) in Yangju / Godeok Globalization Planning Region in Pyungtaek / Geomdan in Incheon / Asan (Babang, Tangjeong) / Daejeon Doan
  • Urban Regeneration

    lh stably provides housing land to construct cities to live in
    • LH efficiently improves deteriorated urban buildings, systematically refines outdated urban residential environments, and regenerates urban functions.
    • Improvement of Residential Environments / Development of Housing Land / Reconstruction of Housing / Refinement of Urban Environments / Promotion of Urban Refinement / Remodeling / Consulting