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page title : Support for Green Growth

Support for Green Growth

LH supports Korea’s green growth for a brighter, cleaner tomorrow.
LH supports a wide range of clean energy projects including the development of low-carbon
green cities andeco-friendly housing, as well as the restoration of the nation’s four major
rivers in a bid to create green national land spaces.

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  • Support for Restoration of the Nation’s Four Major Rivers

    LH supports the restoration of the nation’s four major rivers to create a green national land

    The project to restore Korea’s four major rivers aims to cope with abnormal climate phenomena caused by global warming and to fundamentally address the problems of flooding and drought. As such, it is a new deal, eco-friendly, green initiative.

  • Construction of Low-carbon Green Cities
    • LH dreams of creating eco-friendly green cities for a green future

      LH will develop the Pyeongtaek Sosabeol District into Korea’s first Renewable Energy Demonstration Town. Under the scheme, five percent of the town total energy needs will be supplied via solar light, solar heat, geothermal energy, and fuel cells.

    • Green growth zones

      Sosabeol in Pyeongtaek, Dongtan 2 in Hwaseong, Geomdan in Incheon, Sejong City and other innovation cities.

  • Eco-friendly Housing
    • LH is creating an advanced residential culture capable of existing in harmony with the environment

      LH uses low energy-consumption, high-efficiency facility technology, new renewable energy, green technology and other environment-friendly housing technologies in the construction of energy-saving housing. On the basis of such innovation, LH is spearheading the promotion of an advenced, environment-friendly housing culture.