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page title : Management Plan

Management Objectives

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  1. Strategy objectives Ⅰ

    To strengthen fulfillment of public functions

    Strategic tasks
    • To construct Bogeumjari housing successfully
    • To realize housing welfare for socially disadvantaged class
    • To build pleasant urban environment
    • To strengthen national competitiveness and build foundation for development
    • To enhance the quality of urban residents' lives and competitiveness of city
  2. Strategy objectives Ⅱ

    To build a business structure of virtuous circle

    Strategic tasks
    • To optimize business operation
    • To secure stable liquidity
    • To secure sustainable perfomace of poicy projects of city
  3. Strategy objectives Ⅲ

    To construct infrastructure for securing new growth engines

    Strategic tasks
    • To build new infrastructure of business territory
    • To strengthen technologies and R&D
    • To increase value of property and products
  4. Strategy objectives Ⅳ

    To establish a customer-opriented management system

    Strategic tasks
    • To enhance people's reliability
    • To spearhead symbiotic development and fair society
    • To create new corporate culture
    • To build advanced management system