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As a wider concept of CM, PM is the order system that manages the whole project including planning, marketing, program of financing,
parceling-out/sales, etc. technical CM.

If LH assumes the position of PM

LH will provide all-inclusive services such as enacting guidelines of design & construction, arranging and supplementing the relevant law, planning, marketing, program of financing, parceling-out/sales, etc. to plan and design the city for new town projects to manage the construction project of all processes before installation and to successfully carry out the new town construction project.

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PM services

  • 01 Planning & Research
    • Client's needs and existing factors related to the project survey
    • Market analysis
    • Project make-up
    • Establishment of a the budget and operating schedule of project
  • 02 Feasibility
    • Market survey and local regulation analysis
    • Design concept
    • Profit making analysis
  • 03 Project financing
    • Cash flow analysis
    • Advisory on optimum solution to raise funds
    • Assistance in preparing project financing proposal
    • Assistance in preparing a project financing contract
  • 04 Design management
    • Selection of the design firm
    • Management on a the schedule of design and needed approvals
    • Design quality control and management on the revision of design materials
    • Review on the efficiency of execution
  • 05 Execution management
    • Schedule control
    • Cost management
    • Quality control
    • Risk control
Design Contract : Customer ↔ Designer Construction Contract : Customer ↔ Constructor Management Contract : Customer ↔ PM(Program Management) / CM(Construction Management) Sercive: PM(Program Management) / CM(Construction Management) → Customer Management : PM(Program Management) / CM(Construction Management) → Designer / Constructor


CM(Construction Management) is a contract order system in which the contractor manages the entire processes to complete construction with the given budget and project duration from the planning stage of the construction project on behalf of business proprietors. Depending on the contract system, CM is divided into 'CM for fee' where the Construction Manager plays the role of advisor for construction without directly engaging with the design and installation, and 'CM at risk' where the Construction Manager plays the role of constructor as well agreeing to the contract terms agreed with the customer so as to pursue relevant profits.

If LH assumes the position of CM

LH will provide services shortening the time needed to construct new towns, saving construction charges and improving quality control, etc by managing and supervising all processes of planning, design, pre-construction to construct a new town.

If LH assumes the position of CM
Shortening time of construction for new towns As the best computing process management system is adopted, all construction of new towns will be managed comprehensively so that the time from starting construction of a new town to moving in can be minimized.
Reducing construction costs Construction costs are saved thanks to 30-years of know-how in constructing new towns and Value Engineering activities that utilize internal and external special manpower.
Improved quality control LH has prepared special specifications in the area of new towns to improve quality control. In participating in overseas new town development projects LH will provide improved quality control by utilizing special specifications suitable to the property of the construction in the region.