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To achieve a balanced development of national land and to enhance the competitiveness of each country, it is necessary to establish a complete national territorial development plan which will play an important role in comprehensive long-term policies.

In addition, establishing a legal and institutional framework is essential before implementing development work for harmony between environmental conservation and sustainable development.

As a representative government-owned corporation in the field of housing and urban development in Korea, LH offers consulting services regarding policy and legal arrangement for foreign governments, based on its various experiences & expertises accumulated from Korea's development in the 1960s.

Flow of Korea's Comprehensive National Territorial Plan

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The 1st plan(1972~1981), US$ 319(1972)
Korea struggled to develop a concentrated industrial complex belt with strategic location in the capital region and east coast area for rapid economic growth
The 2nd plan(1982~1991), US$ 1,824(1982)
To decentralize population concentrated around the capital, and to improve the living environment, Korea aimed for achieving a balanced regional development
The 3rd plan(1992~1999), US$ 7,007(1992)
Korea pushed ahead with a balanced development policy over west coast industrial belt and provincial cities
The 4th plan(2000~2020), US$ 10,841(1992)
To become a leading country in Northeast Asia, Korea pushed ahead with a balanced national development plan from coastline development to inland development.

(GNP per capita of the year)

Content of Services

  • 1. National territorial policy and land policy establishment
  • 2. Legal support: urban and regional planning law, district plan guidelines
  • 3. Comprehensive national territorial plan support
  • 4. Implementation plan of pre-existing urban and regional development projects
  • 5. Invitational programs to share Korea's urban and regional development experience