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Industrial complex

It is necessary to establish an industrial location policy which secures the productivity of industries and proper land utilization of industrial activities, to enhance land-use efficiency within a limited area and establish the foundation of the national economic development.

It aims at adequate provision of industrial land, reasonable positioning of industrial facilities, balanced land development, promotion of continuous industrial expansion, and the harmony between industrial location and environment.

Before the 1960s in Korea, factory sites had mainly been developed in terms of individual locations depending on unplanned enterprise locations, but Korea arranged industrial locations via the Comprehensive Plans for Construction in the National Territory Law in 1962 and the Export Industry Complex Construction Law in 1964. As a result, the nation's first industrial complex was constructed in Ulsan, and the Korea Export and Industrial Corporation was built afterwards in the Seoul Metropolitan Area.

As a representative government-owned corporation in the field of industrial complex development in Korea, LH offers consulting services regarding policy and legal arrangements for foreign governments based on its various experiences and expertise accumulated from Korea's development since the 1960s.

Progress and transition of Korea's housing policy

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1960's : Start of Planned Industrial Location
Development of export-oriented light Industry location
1970's : Prevention of Industrial Concentrating in Capital Region
Development of large scale Industrial Complex in East-South Region
1980's : Balanced Regional Development
Development of large scale Industrial Complex in West-South Region, and development of Industrial Complex of Rural Area
1990's : Expansion of planned Industrial Complex
Deregulation of the Industrial Complex System
2000's : Knowledge-based High-Tech Industry
Development of Specialized High-Tech Industrial Complex Remodeling old Industrial Complex

Content of Services

1. Industrial location and development policy establishment
2. Legal support: Industrial location and development law, industrial development guidelines
3. Selection and promotion plan of strategic industry for industrial complex development
4. Implementation plan of pre-existing industrial complex development projects
5. Invitational programs to share Korea's industrial complex experience