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Housing construction

Comprehensive national housing planning must be done to stabilize people's residential environment and improve their quality of life. Comprehensive national housing planning includes the construction and provision of social housing, raising and employment of housing funds, and for a housing welfare program for families of low to moderate incomes.

As a representative government-owned corporation in the field of housing and urban development in Korea, LH offers consulting services regarding policy and legal arrangements for foreign governments based on its various experience accumulated through Korea's social housing development since the 1960s.

Progress and transition of Korea's housing policy

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1960's : Enactment of the Public Housing, Establishment of the Korean Housing Bank
The Establishment of LH (KNHC), Small scale Development ->Large scale Development
1970's : Ten year Housing Construction Plan 1972-81, Enactment of Housing Construction Promotion
Constructed the first rental housing prefab plant for massive supply of apartment
1980's : National Housing Fund, Two Million Housing Construction Plan
Constructed permanent rental housing, Urban Redevelopment of CBD in Seoul
1990's : Reducing Serious housing disparity among people
Achievement : construction of one million houses
2000's : The Minimum Standard of Living, Housing supply ratio over 100%, from quantity to quality
Roadmap for Housing Welfare, Supplys various type of housing near Seoul Metropolitan Area

Content of Services

  • 1. Comprehensive national housing planning
  • 2. Housing provision system support (law, policy, management)
  • 3. Social housing model development
  • 4. Technical support for social housing construction
  • 5. Invitational programs to share Korea's housing construction experience