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Housing construction

Prior to the investment in housing construction, it is of great importance to thoroughly analyze the business value.

To achieve this, LH will provide accurate information from the research on housing demand by size, development of housing types, and a review on estimated construction costs.

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Content of Services

  • 1. Market assessment and strategy
    • Housing police and demand Analysis
    • Estimating construction cost
    • Investment & Financing Plan
    • Marketing & Promotion Strategy
  • 2. Master plan study
    • Analysis of Development Conditions
    • Planning Concepts
    • Site planning, Housing block layout, Housing unit
    • Implementation Plan
    • Construction cost by phase, which includes
    • Land acquisition, Housing material, Additional facilities

LH strengths

LH could provide housing with various plans and planning techniques by income classes according to the policy requirements of national and regional governments. In order to rapidly stabilize the residential environment for occupants, adjacent areas and basic infrastructure are developed concurrently. Using a Master Planner (MP) System, LH maintains the consistency of concept and strategies of the project. MP is involved in every project activity from the beginning of the planning stage until completion and handover. This System contributes to shortening project duration and enhancing customer satisfaction.