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Housing construction

Main project

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New millennium residential site Yongin Shingal
Site Area
: 168,275000㎡
Floor Area Ratio
: 210%
Number of Floor
: 12 ~ 20F
: 3,183Ea
To improve the residential satisfaction by introducing new design method aiming for the new residential housing model in 21st century.

Overseas project

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Mongolia map
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Details of Project
Project: A preliminary feasibility study on housing construction project in Mongolia(100,000 Housing)
Location: Ger area in Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia
Period: 2011.11 ~ 2012. 5
Both country leaders agreed for Korean companies to take part in the constructing 100,000 housing project when the Korean president visited Mongolia.
The two countries have established continuous mutual cooperation since the Mongolian government and LH signed an MOU on urban and housing construction in May 2005. The Mongolia Ministry of Roads, Transportation, Construction and City Development asked LH to give a consultation in relation to the project.
2011. 8: Applied for MDB Procurement Market Entry Support Business
2011. 11: Singed the agreement (Consortium ↔National IT industry promotion agency)
2011. 11: Supported business by stage and performed tasks
2012. 4: Completed the service
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