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page title : Knowledge Sharing Program


LH, in partnership with KOICA, has implemented 26 knowledge sharing programs(385 participants)
to share experience with foreign countries' officials since 2006.
LH aims to develop overseas government officials' knowledge and expertise needed to foster growth
of their countries through various lectures and site visits.

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Course Objectives
To provide overall knowledge on Korea's urban and regional development, housing(including Housing design, housing management, housing finance etc.) and urban (including new town, urban regeneration, urban planning etc.) management policies which have been accumulated since 1960s in order for the participants and the government officials to use the information to establish their own policy to overcome their domestic concerns about sustainable urban and regional development.
Training Participants
  • Should be government officials preferably in the mid-senior level or higher
  • Should be public enterprises' officials preferably in the senior level or higher

Module Ⅰ : General Subject

Module Ⅱ : Housing and Construction

Module Ⅲ : Land and Urban Development