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page title : Housing Welfare

Housing Welfare

LH is supplying permanent rental, people's rental and various kinds of tailored rental houses forlow-income people.
LH's social contribution activities are not limited to the satisfaction of basic housingdesire of
low-income people but it is extended to creating happy space with vitality. They include
creating jobsfor the residents, supporting their self-reliance, composing educational environments and making happy home.

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  • To create jobs and support self-reliance

    To support to establish village type social enterprise
    LH provides jobs and social services to the socially disadvantaged class in the rental apartment block by supporting the establishment of ‘LH village type social enterprise’. People make changes by themselves utilizing ‘LH village type social enterprise.’ In this process, jobs are created and community care playing the role of fence for residents is expanded to make rental apartment block a village where welfare and life become integrated into one. Such experience in changes will provide ground that the village can realize another social value and help the residents to make it better village.
    Employment of Silver Staffs
    LH introduced ‘Silver Staff’ in 2010 for the first time as a public corporation. ‘Silver Staff’scheme is to employ old aged retired people who can still work and to let them maintain rental houses and assist residents’ welfare business. This scheme has ‘a stone two birds’ effects by solving unemployment problems of the aged and enforcing the rental operation resources. We increased satisfaction for housing by providing residents of rental apartments with public service in timely manner and contributed to asset preservation and value improvement of public houses by enforcing the facility management and inspection. The residents of rental apartments many of whom are aged people alienated from society can communicate and exchange in a larger frame of local community through this project. It becomes a win-won opportunity providing jobs to the aged and better service to the residents.

    Operation of LH Happy Loan

    LH Happy Loan is a small amount loan for debt delinquents in socially disadvantaged class who are restoring their creditability including rental house residents by donating the salary that employees returned to Credit Counseling and Recovery Service. The donated fund is separately managed by Credit Counseling and Recovery Service as LH Happy Loan and is used to support rental house residents and petty self-employers as living stabilization fund or facility improvement and operation fund. The interest and principal collected will be given to other applicants as a form of circulative support.

  • Educational Supports

    Socially disadvantaged class children mentoring
    'Mentor and Little Friend'is a mentoring activity for low income family children (mentee) living in LH rental houses who are head of the family, from single parent home and foster home. College student volunteers visit them every week, study and perform experiential studies and help the children to improve their sociality.
    Establishment and operation of ‘Study Room’ in Rental Apartments
    LH has been operating study rooms in rental apartments throughout Korea since September, 2010.By establishing study rooms in each apartment block, parents can dedicate to their work leaving their children and children are protected from the danger to be left alone after school. Additionally, through the operation of Study Room, many jobs are created such as teachers and nutritionists.
    Operation of Digital Library
    LH is establishing and operating digital library to improve welfare of residents. 'LH Digital Library' which was opened in June, 2007 has extended contents every year to have 10,000 volumes of e-books and many VOD's now. LH Digital Library which is open not only to the residents of rental apartments but also to residents of purchased multi-family rental housing residents including households headed by child shows continuous growth in terms of users.As such, LH makes digital education environments enabling lifelong education and self-development by providing online reading space for rental house residents.
  • Support for Happiness

    Group Wedding Ceremony
    LH has been hosting group wedding ceremony every year since 2004 for the couples who could not have wedding ceremony because of economic conditions among LH rental apartment residents (low income family, multi-cultural family, and North Korean refugee family).Although little late, we hope it is the first step to make a happy home.
    Lunch for Rental Block Children
    Lunch for children in rental apartments is the major social contribution activity of LH. It is welcomed by working mothers and low income parents who worry about lunch for children during the vacation. LH provides safe food to children through summer and winter vacation lunch provision project and operates simple educational and cultural programs. It also contributes to the community by hiring local people for cooking. LH Sharing Service Group is volunteering to provide children with healthy lunch by participating in meal distribution, dish washing and one day teacher service.