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page title : Ecological Environments

Ecological Environments

Utilizing environmentally friendly development experiences and expertise that we have accumulated
in city development and arrangement projects, we improve obsolete housing environments and
preserve clean environments. With local residents’ participation, we change old play grounds and
neighboring environments to an ecological park. With college students who will lead our future,
we explore out land and nature. In those activities we discover hope for neighbors and hope for nature.

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  • Ecological Environments Preservation

    Environmentally Friendly Playground Remodeling
    Environmentally friendly playground remodeling projects that LH has propelled since 2006 are the activities to remodel old and dangerous playgrounds that lost their original functions to safe and nature friendly space where residents can take a rest. LH is operating the program by hosting community hearing and workshops so that local residents can participate in whole process of remodeling.
    Making ecological apartments
    LH started ecological apartment project to improve housing environments in old rental house blocks and detached single house concentrated area, and the quality of life of local residents. Ecological apartment project established steering committee with residents and professionals and tried to minimize inconvenience of local residents by inviting residents in design and construction. Additionally, we have made efforts to activate community culture through resident educational program and resident participating programs such as composition of vegetable garden and energy saving campaign.
    College Students’ecological environments exploring team ‘ECO-SCOUT’
    Eco-Scout which was started from 2005 as college student ecological environments expedition is the compound word of ecology meaning nature and preservation and scout meaning members. It is the program to highlight the importance of the preservation of national land and to boost patriotism.
  • Improvement of housing environments

    Housing Improvement for the Disadvantaged Class
    "Housing Improvement for the disadvantaged that LH and Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport have performed together since 2010 has a plan to complete the improvement of 60,000 households by 2016. In 2010, we improved 8,000 houses investing 45.7 billion won, in 2011 12,000 houses and 196 toilets in city center investing 77.9 billion won (63.5 billion won from national funds and 14.4 billion won from local government funds). We enforced structure, reformed toilet and kitchen, mended water leak in outer wall, installed sashes and insulated. LH is expecting to improve housing environments and quality of life of the socially disadvantaged and to activate local construction industry.