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page title : Social Welfare

Social Welfare

In order to contribute to remove polarization of the society by returning profit to society, we make
efforts to develop sharing activities which match with the purpose of establishment of this
corporation and can practically help the encourage unpopular sports, and branches of LH Sharing
Service are performing social service activities according to the local conditions through 1 branch
1 brand activity.

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  • Support the socially disadvantaged

    Love Sharing and Happiness Filling Festival
    LH holds ‘Love Sharing and Happiness Filling Festival’ at the end of the year, Chinese New Year Day and Chuseok and perform various supporting activities such as welfare facility visit, sharing of coals and Kimjang (Kimchi for long winter). Beginning with the supports for social welfare facility in January we have Love Sharing Marketplace Festival in May.
    Children’s Day Festival
    Every year LH invites households head children, foster family children, North Korean refugee family children and rental apartment residents and presents various programs such as famous singers’concert, magic show, dream house building and wooden insect making. LH that has been with the children from socially disadvantaged class on every Children’s day will do our best to make the Children’s day of socially disadvantaged children happy and enjoyable.
    Disaster Restoration and Relief
    Every year typhoon leaves painful wounds. LH actively participates in volunteer services for restoration to embrace and heal those painful wounds. Additionally, we cheered for the victims of Yeonpyeongdo bombing incident by providing shelters and funds and shared pains of the bereaved family of Cheonanham victims.